mandag 28. juli 2014

Cartagena, Europas Kartago

Scenes from the harbor area.

The city center.

The old Roman city is under the ground.

Mari Boine was also one of the artist performing at Månefestivalen in Fredrikstad this weekend.

The Roman harbor .... now in the middle of the new city.

Above termes and palestra. Source.

Wallpaintings in Pompeian style.

Plans of wall decorations.

The museum of the theatre.

Minerva med lyra

From the backside of the columns, Circular Altars with the birds that symbolise the Capitoline Triad ; Owl symbol of Minerva, the eagle symbol of Jupiter and the peacock symbol of Juno. Source.

Birds symbol
Some birds

Rea Silvia

The roman theatre, Harald and I are studying the craftwork.

I am fascinated by steps....

Behind these wall there is the basement of the theatre.

Flowers turning to the sun...

Typical, local tapas served.

I have no energy go shopping new paint in this heat, instead I made a digital wall painting on the free surfaces.